Product Information Management (PIM)


PIM provides companies with a single central repository for all product data for the purpose of distribution in all sales channels (e-Commerce, mobile, social, print, and more) and in multiple languages.


  • Accelerate sales through the use of accurate and compelling product information
  • Increase profits by leveraging master product data across a range of sales channels
  • Minimize day sales outstanding (DSO) by integrating with leading ERP and procurement systems
  • Reduce cost of product data management while ensuring consistency, control, and quality in ongoing maintenance and use

Key elements of the solution include the integration and central management of highly structured product data and all corresponding media assets.

  Informatica Enterprise PIM is comprised of the following:

  • Data Integration and Supplier Adoption
  • Data Management
  • Omni-channel Commerce (Web, Print, Point of Sale, Mobile Apps)

The functional areas listed above guarantee an end-to-end process along the product information supply chain.


Omni-Channel Commerce

In order to stay ahead of the frenetic pace in which new products are released and the new platforms are used to sell them, a rock solid product information manager is the foundational technical component in the overall solution. Using an "enter once, sell many ways" approach maximizes your return on investment in your product data and converts it into a strategic, reusable corporate asset.

Just as important as having the right technology is implementing effective business processes and data governance rules that insure that all customer facing information from product descriptions to pricing are "spot on". The experienced product information professionals at IS&S can help you put together the total solution that encompasses both the technical and business aspects of implementing PIM for use with any sales channel.


Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Whether your typical customer is an individual or another business organization, having accurate and compelling product information is critical to turning prospects into buyers. Individualized assortments, customized offerings and pricing can help you target specific customers. The inclusion of social media and reviews helps to overcome objections and provides the kind of reinforcement that results in positive buying decisions.

Streamlining the process of on-boarding new products is key to quicken time-to-market. The use of supplier catalogs and IS&S developed rule-based data validation insures that vendor data complies with your data standards before it gets into the system.